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A New Physician Oath for Addressing Systemic Problems in Medicine

In this series, Holiday Traditions, we asked clinicians to share their favorite holiday traditions from both past and present. Here’s how they answered. The holiday season, for the most part, is a reason for joy and celebration. For some, however....
25 Feb 2019

Be a Light

It is no secret that the field of medicine has not always acted in the best interest of patients, and that there have been instances of unethical, racist, and oppressive violations of human rights and basic dignity, especially toward women, children, elders, people of color, disabled individuals, and other marginalized groups. What is the role of physicians in destigmatizing, decolonizing, deinstitutionalizing, and humanizing medicine?​
30 Nov 2022

If You Have Children, Talk to Them

On November 12, 2022, I had the pleasure of giving the keynote speech at the launch of the Muslim Mental Health Institute of Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was quite a beautiful gathering where a dynamic group of thought leaders from Canada and the United States engaged in powerful and honest, yet difficult conversations about issues that are not commonly talked about
21 Nov 2022


Daughter Father Bonding Project

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Wounded Healer